AmTote D&D5E Forgotten Realms

Session 4

The party finalized their investigation of the ruins of Illusk. In their search, they discovered the research notes and journals of the two mages encountered previously in the ruin. In reading through the texts, they discovered the mages abandoned the Arcane Brotherhood in order to pursue their research on summoning demons from the Abyss. They also discovered the reason for the disappearing corpses from the Prisoner's Carnival. The mages were using the bodies as components in their spells to summon greater demons.

The party also discovered a Dwarven prisoner, Trogar, who claimed he was ambushed while stumbling home drunk from a tavern and couldn't remember how he got in the prison. 

The party explored the final coridor of the ruins to find a summoning circle with a book of infernal text to bring forth a lesser demon. Alfun, the party Paladin, took the book to keep it out of the hands of those who would use the books power. The party Sorcerer, Avara, felt compelled to read the text, and as the party left the room, she noticed the book was back on the floor in front of the circle even though Alfun had stashed it in his bag. Avara invoked the spell, summoning forth an Imp, which she bid to transform into a cat. She told the party she had found the cat in the room. Some had their suspicions, but since Alfun had thought the book was still in his possession, he let it go and the party exited the ruins.

Outside, Otto informed the party that he had arranged for their payment back at the Battered Pig Tavern, and he left the group to "take care of something.

The party returned to the tavern to recover and rest.



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