AmTote D&D5E Forgotten Realms

Session 7

The party, now free to explore the compound of Ship Kurth's island fortress, decided to first check out the warehouse where they saw workers ferrying barrels back and forth. They found an agreeable worker who explained that all goods coming in and out of Ship Kurth ended up there, and he even showed them the chute system which transported the goods outside of the fortress and onto the ships. In looking out over the fortress walls the party saw the crane mechanism that lifted the barrels up and onto the decks after they landed in whatever mechanism waited on the other side of the chute.

Alfun, Elan, and Elyk decided to spend some downtime at the tavern in which they were shown "what ship Kurth has to offer." 

Meanwhile, Avara and Kali explored the barracks where they used Avara's familiar to explore the officer's quarters on the top floor. They discovered various plans and documents on the Ship's plots to oust the other ships and assert their dominance over the city. 

The party then regrouped and decided the only safe way out was to dive down the chute the barrels were sent down in order to escape the fortress and make their way back to Ship Suljack's hideout.



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