AmTote D&D5E Forgotten Realms

Session 3

The party continued their investigation of the ruins of Illusk. They discovered what seemed to be a sort of barracks for some inhabitants of the ruins, perhaps the men they fought earlier? Their search led them to a storage room where they found some treasures, and a potion they could not identify.

Faced with the option of exploring the dark hallway further, or jumping across the pit further into the ruins, they chose to leap over the pit. All but Elan made the leap, however the party pulled Elan back out in time before he was devoured by the swarm of rats.

As they continued down the corridors they noticed a pleasant smell. The area around them became cleaner and more opulent. They found themselves entering what appeared to be a banquet hall with a table set with silver platters, beneath which sat a fully prepared meal. 

They were confronted by a human male wizard and his son who offered to share the meal with the party. Some members of the party detected magical charms from the wizard, and their mistrust led to the party threatening the son, where combat then ensued. The party prevailed, revealing the boy to actually be a halfling wizard himself, but under a magical dweomer of disguise. 

After suffering wounds in the battle with the mages, the party is discussing their options on whether to rest or continue deeper into the ruins.






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