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Session 7

The party, now free to explore the compound of Ship Kurth's island fortress, decided to first check out the warehouse where they saw workers ferrying barrels back and forth. They found an agreeable worker who explained that all goods coming in and out of Ship Kurth ended up there, and he even showed them the chute system which transported the goods outside of the fortress and onto the ships. In looking out over the fortress walls the party saw the crane mechanism that lifted the barrels up and onto the decks after they landed in whatever mechanism waited on the other side of the chute.

Alfun, Elan, and Elyk decided to spend some downtime at the tavern in which they were shown "what ship Kurth has to offer." 

Meanwhile, Avara and Kali explored the barracks where they used Avara's familiar to explore the officer's quarters on the top floor. They discovered various plans and documents on the Ship's plots to oust the other ships and assert their dominance over the city. 

The party then regrouped and decided the only safe way out was to dive down the chute the barrels were sent down in order to escape the fortress and make their way back to Ship Suljack's hideout.

Session 6

The party continued weighing their options in dealing with the offer from Ship Suljack in the Cutlass tavern. In an effort to win over the crowd and perhaps learn more about the opposing ships in the city, the group bought a round for the entire tavern, and Elan, the party bard, began performing songs. The group learned more about the various Ships, when eventually a gnome and an entourage of city guards entered the establishment. The gnome announced their search for those that interrupted the proceedings of the Prisoner's Carnival. He spotted Alfun, and interogatted the crowd about who he had entered the bar with. The crowd, clearly intimidated by his and the guard's precense, revealed the party members.

The gnome had the party taken captive and brought to Ship Kurth's island fortress where the were briefly imprisoned before being taken to Beniago Kurth, the High Captain of Ship Kurth.

Kurth recognized the party's talents in breaking a man out of the Carnival, and offered them work in return for power and wealth. He told the party they could work for him, or agree to leave the city. At this point he told the party they could freely explore the compound to "see what Ship Kurth has to offer." He returned their gear and weapons, and the party was faced with what to do.

Session 5

After the party awoke from the rest, the innkeep downstairs bid them to follow him behind the bar. He revealed a trap door leading down to a secret meeting room where they were confronted by Dagmaer Suljack, leader of ship Suljack, along with Trogar and Otto. 

Trogar explained that his real name is Leo, the one Otto had tasked the party with finding. He explained that his hanging at the Prisoner's Carnival was staged to look like he was killed, but he was taken to the ruins unexpectedly by the Mages the party defeated earlier. Otto explained he did not tell the party for fear of the truth of Leo's death at the Carnival being revealed to the rest of Luskan's powers.

Suljack offered the party a chance to help them rid Luskan of those they described as asserting control over the freedoms of the citizens, specifically the Arcane Brotherhood and Ship Kurth.

She offered the party a chance to discuss the matter amongst themselves. Leo discreetly told the party to find some place private to talk, implying that Suljack had ears in the tavern. 

The party found themselves holed up in the Cutlass, weighing their options.


Session 4

The party finalized their investigation of the ruins of Illusk. In their search, they discovered the research notes and journals of the two mages encountered previously in the ruin. In reading through the texts, they discovered the mages abandoned the Arcane Brotherhood in order to pursue their research on summoning demons from the Abyss. They also discovered the reason for the disappearing corpses from the Prisoner's Carnival. The mages were using the bodies as components in their spells to summon greater demons.

The party also discovered a Dwarven prisoner, Trogar, who claimed he was ambushed while stumbling home drunk from a tavern and couldn't remember how he got in the prison. 

The party explored the final coridor of the ruins to find a summoning circle with a book of infernal text to bring forth a lesser demon. Alfun, the party Paladin, took the book to keep it out of the hands of those who would use the books power. The party Sorcerer, Avara, felt compelled to read the text, and as the party left the room, she noticed the book was back on the floor in front of the circle even though Alfun had stashed it in his bag. Avara invoked the spell, summoning forth an Imp, which she bid to transform into a cat. She told the party she had found the cat in the room. Some had their suspicions, but since Alfun had thought the book was still in his possession, he let it go and the party exited the ruins.

Outside, Otto informed the party that he had arranged for their payment back at the Battered Pig Tavern, and he left the group to "take care of something.

The party returned to the tavern to recover and rest.

Session 3

The party continued their investigation of the ruins of Illusk. They discovered what seemed to be a sort of barracks for some inhabitants of the ruins, perhaps the men they fought earlier? Their search led them to a storage room where they found some treasures, and a potion they could not identify.

Faced with the option of exploring the dark hallway further, or jumping across the pit further into the ruins, they chose to leap over the pit. All but Elan made the leap, however the party pulled Elan back out in time before he was devoured by the swarm of rats.

As they continued down the corridors they noticed a pleasant smell. The area around them became cleaner and more opulent. They found themselves entering what appeared to be a banquet hall with a table set with silver platters, beneath which sat a fully prepared meal. 

They were confronted by a human male wizard and his son who offered to share the meal with the party. Some members of the party detected magical charms from the wizard, and their mistrust led to the party threatening the son, where combat then ensued. The party prevailed, revealing the boy to actually be a halfling wizard himself, but under a magical dweomer of disguise. 

After suffering wounds in the battle with the mages, the party is discussing their options on whether to rest or continue deeper into the ruins.




Session 2

The party took wagers on Alfun's fist fight in the bar. Alfun ultimately triumphed over his opponent by grappling him and breaking the man's arm. Alfun offered healing to the man after the fight, and learned his name was Gran and he was a member of Ship Kurth.

After the party regrouped, they decided to travel immediately to the ruins of Illusk to investigate the tracks they noticed earlier that evening. Rather than leaving Otto defenseless, they chose to bring him along.

They made it to the ruins unscathed, and began their search of the tunnel where the tracks had led them. In traversing the ruins, Alfun fell into a trap and the party was ambushed.

We left off with the party discussing their options after the battle.

Session 1

The party woke up in the Battered Pig Tavern, seeking out the man from the previous night that recruited the group in a quest to find his friends missing corpse from the Prisoner's Carnival.  The group learned his name, Otto, from patrons of the tavern that recognized him from their descriptions. Unfortunately for the group, the counterfeit cup that was sold to the man landed him in the Carnival himself when he attempting to resell it during the night.

The group sought out information from the office at the Carnival, but was told in no uncertain terms that prisoners of the Carnival are not pardoned or bailed out. The only way out is to serve your punishment.

In seeking information from merchants in the square which surrounds the Carnival stage and prison, a fish salesman said he had been spotting a cart leave the carnival. He described the carts as being lead by hooded figures and could not identify precisely where they were going, but said they were heading toward the ruins of Illusk, the destroyed city that Luskan was buildt over top of hundreds of years ago.

The group investigated the ruins, finding tracks in the dirt of cart wheels, but instead of pushing forward, decided to go back and make an attempt at rescuing Otto from the Carnival.

The Carnival began its grotesque display of torture and execution to the satisfaction of the crowd. Eventually Otto was brought out and strapped to a table. The party's diversions using magic, wits, and brute strength eventually led to their rescuing of Otto, bringing him back to the Battered Pig to hide in Avara's cart stashed in the stable.

Back at the Tavern to catch their breath, Alfan has entered himself into the bare-knuckle boxing tournament held at the tavern, while some member of the party take wagers on the bout. Eventually they'll need to face Otto with the news of what they learned, and maybe even apologize for getting him into his predicament in the first place…

Session 0

We finished up creating our characters and got briefly introduced to the campaign setting.

We broke the ice on role playing and making ability/skill checks.

The Story:

You've arrived in Luskan for reasons of your own. You've found yourselves in the Battered Pig inn, a tavern along the docks of Luskan that is home to bi-nightly bare fist brawls where fighters and spectactors alike wager coin. You've been contracted to help a poor soul find his friend's corpse that has gone missing from the Prisoner's Carnival. He showed up to pick up the corpse the day after his friend was hanged for some crime you do not know, and it was gone.

Campaign Planning Update 01


Hello Players,

I've made a few updates to the Wiki pages, and have committed to paper an introductory adventure to get us started. Which means, its time to plan Session Zero where we'll introduce our characters, roll stats, and I'll introduce the adventure! I'm open to any day, but it seemed like Wednesday seemed to work for everyone? We'll get together and narrow down a specific date as well as how frequent we want our sessions to be.

If you're still planning your character and you have questions for me let me know. If you have it narrowed down, you can begin logging your character here. Obsidian Portal allows you to populate and save a character sheet, which is very handy for me, but also allows you a place to store it digitally if you would like.


Your DM



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