AmTote D&D5E Forgotten Realms

Session 1

The party woke up in the Battered Pig Tavern, seeking out the man from the previous night that recruited the group in a quest to find his friends missing corpse from the Prisoner's Carnival.  The group learned his name, Otto, from patrons of the tavern that recognized him from their descriptions. Unfortunately for the group, the counterfeit cup that was sold to the man landed him in the Carnival himself when he attempting to resell it during the night.

The group sought out information from the office at the Carnival, but was told in no uncertain terms that prisoners of the Carnival are not pardoned or bailed out. The only way out is to serve your punishment.

In seeking information from merchants in the square which surrounds the Carnival stage and prison, a fish salesman said he had been spotting a cart leave the carnival. He described the carts as being lead by hooded figures and could not identify precisely where they were going, but said they were heading toward the ruins of Illusk, the destroyed city that Luskan was buildt over top of hundreds of years ago.

The group investigated the ruins, finding tracks in the dirt of cart wheels, but instead of pushing forward, decided to go back and make an attempt at rescuing Otto from the Carnival.

The Carnival began its grotesque display of torture and execution to the satisfaction of the crowd. Eventually Otto was brought out and strapped to a table. The party's diversions using magic, wits, and brute strength eventually led to their rescuing of Otto, bringing him back to the Battered Pig to hide in Avara's cart stashed in the stable.

Back at the Tavern to catch their breath, Alfan has entered himself into the bare-knuckle boxing tournament held at the tavern, while some member of the party take wagers on the bout. Eventually they'll need to face Otto with the news of what they learned, and maybe even apologize for getting him into his predicament in the first place…



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